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Blacklight Active Painting «Shaman's Laughter»

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An astute shaman sees right through you. Even if you just met on the way to a deep forest, he has known you for a long time and is ready to tell the secrets of the universe if you open your soul to him and trust him. Artist – Natalia Arustamova.


About psychedelic painting:

✓ the image is applied by sublimation printing, which leads to its high detail, color saturation and color fastness;

✓ durable and lightweight synthetic fiber fabric;

✓ glows in neon and ultraviolet light;

✓ can be ironed and washed, but gently;

✓ perfect for home decor or for decorating yoga studios, tea rooms or recording studios;

✓special loops for hanging in the corners will allow you to easily hang the tapestry in the right place;

✓ an ideal and memorable gift for loved ones.


Choose the size that suits you:

● S, standard: 50x50 cm/20х20’’

● M, medium: 100x100 cm/40x40’’


You can buy this psychedelic visionary tapestry and support the development of psychedelic art.


Have a nice trip!

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