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Fluorescent unique backdrop with the 3D effect "Cyber Alice".

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Tags: psychedelic, uv, fluorescent, backdrop, decoration

This is a 3-D version of the tapestry. A unique technology for creating a living picture. Regardless of the viewpoint, you see a different image every time and it tightens you with its detail. The excellent quality of the image on the fabric will amaze even the most demanding travelers on other worlds. Artwork by Artrama.

☑ saturated colors in daylight and unusual glow under neon light or UV lamps;

☑ the impact of water is not a problem for our art objects, they will continue delight us with vivid colors;

☑ fluorescent, pixel-free printing;

☑ we offer this tapestry in three options: transparent (select the white button), black (select the black button) and 3D. Two layers of canvas (black and transparent) are placed one in front of the other and this creates a three-dimensional effect. And when the fabric moves, for example, because of wind or draft, the image becomes truly alive. Each of the canvases can be used both separately and together to create 300% of the volume. If you would like to purchase a 3-D kit, then you need to order both parts. Please choose a white color and add to the basket, and then black.


✔ Medium: 75 cm x 100 cm (30 x 40’’);

A magnificent and memorable addition to the home interior or a bright accent in the decor of the psytrance party.

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