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Bohemian Wall Deco Mandala "Ocean Waves" 6 layers

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The gentle rustle of friendly waves, the gentle azure waters and the endless dome of the turquoise sky are the components of the best healing elixir for the soul. Calmness and pacification envelop the consciousness of the contemplator of the mandala, free from the shackles of excessive emotionality and shed flickering rays of self-sufficiency of love and joy in the air. By placing such a spiritual ornament in yourself, you become not just a connoisseur of art, but a real magician.


Details of this delicious wooden mandala for decor:

• the perfect combination of material forms and spiritual content;

• sophisticated and elegantly thought-out design of lines and shapes;

• environmentally friendly materials were used: wood, fiberboard, plywood;

• depth of carved ornament 2 cm (0,8’’);

• laser cutting technology guarantees the smallest accuracy and clarity of the outline;

• the surface is painted and treated with high-quality varnish;

• we can also paint the product in a different color: and send you photos before placing an order;

• there are mounts for hanging.


Calm ocean at different scales:

✓ Diameter 60 cm/24’’
✓ Diameter 70 cm/28’’
✓ Diameter 80 cm/32’’
✓ Diameter 90 cm/36’’


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