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Bohemian Wood Lamp Sacred Geometry "Sri Yantra", 4 layers

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Sri Yantra is the fundamental prototype of the universe and the most ancient symbol of humanity. He is the vehicle connecting the individual consciousness of man with the Consciousness of the Creator. Even a brief contemplation of this sacred symbol slows down the activity of the left hemisphere of the brain (logic and analytical thinking) and activates the right hemisphere, which manifests itself in the form of creative and intuitive insights. Each facet of sacred geometry forms the force that represents a cosmic creation. Illuminate your life with the light of the universe, the rays of Sri Yantra.


More on the wall light:

- environmentally friendly materials used: wood, MDF, plywood; decorative acrylic enamels;

- depth of ornament 4 cm (1,6``);

- ultra-precise laser cutting was used, thanks to which we guarantee high definition of the outline of the pattern;

- the surface of the lamp is painted with high-quality acrylic varnish;

- there are mounts for hanging;

- A wide variety of color modes (19 built-in programs);

- the presence of the remote control in the kit, so you can wash yourself change the parameters:

  • lighting colors;

  • brightness and color saturation;
  • speed of change of shades;
  • LED controller remembers the last setting;

- all lamps are equipped with a universal transformer for a 110/220 V power line and come with a cable of white or black color 1,5-2 m (60``-80``) with a standard European plug;

- if you are from the USA, then we automatically put the adapter into an American outlet in the kit;

- you can choose the exact color (black / white) of the power cable and the type of plug. We will take this into account, but if you have not indicated which color and length are preferable, then we mount the cable depending on stock availability.


Available sizes of the lamp:

✓ М, diameter 60 сm/24’’;
✓ L, diameter 70 сm/28’’;
✓ XL, diameter 80 сm/32’’;


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