DMT Trippy Spiritual Tapestry «Exo Molecular Mind»

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Tags: psychedelic, uv, fluorescent, backdrop, decoration

Initially, there was the idea of ​​creating a world. Invisible to most, the structure of the universe is composed of many images that are created in the minds of living beings. Each of us is the creator of our reality, and the mystery of this greatness is revealed as our internal frequencies and vibrations increase. Knowing this, think in terms of success and prosperity. For you are the architect of your own life. Artrist – Andrew Pronin.


Details of artwork:

- The picture, unique in its originality, delights and captures the spirit with its bright colors and geometric faces, the fluorescent coating glows in ultraviolet, neon and LED lamps and adds the effect of surrealism;

- Filigree craftsmanship of the artist and carefully thought-out details are amazing image even without special lighting;

- The latest technology of sublimated printing will allow for a long time to preserve the brightness and saturation of colors, and will allow the product to confidently withstand washing, sunlight and other weather influences;

- The material has increased strength properties, and the edges are treated with an additional layer of fabric for greater stability of the frame;

- Eyelets for hanging will allow you to quickly and easily attach to the selected surface, even on trees;

- Ecological cleanliness of fabrics and paints: the materials are odorless, do not cause allergies and are completely safe for humans and animals;

- Effectively fit into any interior of a house, studio or workshop, and on a festival holiday will create a truly unearthly atmosphere;


Choose any tapestry option:

  • S, 16 х 40 in (40 x 100 cm);

  • M, 24 х 59 in (60 x 150 cm);

  • L, 39 х 98 in (100 x 250 cm);

  • XL, 58 х 145 in (148 x 370 cm);

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