Esoteric glowing curtain «Trishula power»

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Shiva's trident represents the three modes of material nature: creation, maintenance and destruction. These laws are fundamental in the entire history of the universe. Hang this symbol in your home and it will help balance all energies, bringing inner and outer states into harmony. Author ShivaOm.


Trippy spiritual bedroom deco parameters:
•    incredibly detailed and vivid drawing;
•    glows in ultraviolet, neon and LED;
•    blackout fabric absorbs the sun's rays, creating a mysterious atmosphere in the room;
•    it is particularly durable - it does not stretch, does not shrink when washing, does not deform;
•    resistant to dirt and does not wrinkle;
•    can be washed and ironed in delicate modes;
•    the material is pleasant to the touch;
•    the curtain is suitable for different types of hooks and horizontal cornice;
•    will perfectly fit into the interior of any space, becoming a bright, accent piece.


One size:

  • XL, huge – 150 x 300 cm / 59 x 118‘’.


Hurry up to order a fluorescent abstract window curtain with a unique design with worldwide delivery!


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