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Fluorescent Decoration Boho Wall Hanging «Neptunia»

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A spiritualistic fluorescent tapestry  about a different view of classical mythology. Myriad aspects of the appearance of the Goddess Neptunia, her nature, reflect the light of truth in her eyes. This mystical and spiritual tapestry  will become a wonderful keeper of your soul secrets on the altar, open the way to the kingdom of dreams, to love and knowledge. Artist - Nastasia Tayna


Features of psychedelic tapestry : 

  • digital format image transferred to fabric due to high-quality sublimation printing;

  • fluorescent glow of the tapestry, you need ultraviolet or neon lamps, LED;

  • bright and saturated colors flicker softly even in daylight;

  • stunning detail and meaningful plot, visual pleasure from every stroke;

  • eco-materials: paint and fabric are odorless and completely safe;

  • the product is additionally stitched along the perimeter for additional reliability;

  • amazing qualities of product durability: the image will not fade in the sun and will not fade;

  • comfortable eyelets for hanging;

  • if necessary: ​​delicate care (washing and ironing);

  • a multifaceted picture will perfectly fit into any interior and will make bright accents, ideal for yoga studios and retreat centers, for the place of power of the Yogini.


Sizes available to order: 

  • S, standard: 75 x 52 cm / 30 х 20,5”;

  • M, medium: 105 x 150 cm / 41 х 59”;

  • L, large: 216 x 150 cm / 85 х 59”.


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