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Fluorescent Esoteric UV Active Tapestry «Forest Soul»

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A wild self, a forest spirit, lives in each of us. In some, he is weak and almost does not manifest himself, and in some, on the contrary, he lives at full capacity and heats up life with the fire of an unbridled natural essence. Elements of sacred geometry, pleasant colors are conducive to a meditative state. Artist – Natalia Arustamova.


About blacklight artwork:

✓ the pattern is applied to the fabric using the sublimation printing technique;

✓ synthetic fiber textile fabric - durable but lightweight;

✓ glows in ultraviolet light;

✓ can be ironed and washed;

✓ bright colors in daylight;

✓ for convenience at the corners of the hanging eyelet;

✓ An ideal and memorable gift for a loved one.



● S, standard: 50x50 cm/20х20’’

● M, medium: 100x100 cm/40x40’’

This painting glowing in the dark under ultraviolet lights you can buy with worldwide delivery. Enjoy!


Have a nice trip!

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