Fluorescent Fractal Festival Backdrop «Illusion»

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Spectacular optical flights along the interdimensional corridors of consciousness embrace natural glee and true pleasure. The visual image of the illusory nature of being swirls a whirlwind of awareness and gives a feeling of bliss. The work is done in acrylic on canvas by artist Alex Aliume


Properties of a psychedelic painting:

  • the image glows with fluorescent paints in the light of ultraviolet;
  • soft flicker and glow, even in normal and daylight;
  • this is a digitized version of a real painting, for printing on fabric; you can enjoy every line of the artist's brush;
  • modern technology of sublimation printing of the image on the fabric allows you to preserve all the smallest details and the wear resistance of the product will come;
  • the content of the picture is made with great attention to detail, every stroke is thought out;
  • only environmentally friendly materials: both fabric and paints have hypoallergenic properties, do not smell and are completely safe;
  • the tapestry is stitched along the edges for greater strength, there are eyelets for secure attachment to any surface;
  • for care, use delicate washing and ironing modes;
  • stunning decor for creating atmospheric parties and events, indispensable for psychedelic and boho interiors.


Size range:

  • S, compact: 75 x 60 cm / 29.5 х 23.5”;
  • M, medium: 150 x 120 cm / 59 х 47”;
  • L, large: 225 x 180 cm / 88.5 х 71”.


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