Fluorescent painting on the fabric «Pyroclastic blow»

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At the moment of the next immersion into the depths of one's own "I", an inevitable insight may come to a person. This state of strength and freedom evokes a whole spectrum of emotions, from boundless happiness and peace to fear and anxiety. Whatever sensations arise, it is necessary to curb this blazing energy. Then the deity of all undertakings will direct on the path of the infinitely one and orderly. Author Luminokaya.


Features of psychedelic canvas:

  • the picture with a fluoro effect glows in neon, ultraviolet and LED;

  • rich colors and elaborate details;

  • printing on eco-fabrics with safe paints;

  • the fabric is protected from deformation, stitched along the edges;

  • can be washed and ironed in delicate modes;

  • fixed to the wall with hinges.



  • XS, compact – 60 x 58 cm / 24 х 23’’;

  • S, standard – 100  x 97 cm / 39 х 38’’;

  • M, medium - 125x 129 cm / 49 х 51’’;

  • L, large – 150 x 145 cm / 59 х 57’’;

  • XL, giant – 200 х 193 сm / 80 x 77’’.


Hurry up to buy a unique trippy backdrop filled with all-encompassing energy! Worldwide delivery.


Have a nice trip ॐ

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