Fluorescent picture of threads and nails, string art «Sacred Diversity»

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Tags: psychedelic, uv, fluorescent, backdrop, decoration

Unique painting in string art technique, harmonious mandala in the form of a triangle. Clear volumetric structures set up the subconscious, debugging interaction with the conscious. Bright colors are pleasing to the eyes. Artwork by Psychometrika.

More about the picture:

● size: 35x35 cm (14x14’’);

● product width with frame: 5 cm (2’’);

● fluorescent pattern of threads glowing in ultraviolet and fixed on hobnails. Basis: penoplex - a porous but solid material, then a layer of black foam board, harmoniously completing a wooden frame, easy to hang with special loops;

● perfect for placement both in the home spaces and in the design of a club party, yoga studio or festival;

● saturated colors in the daytime, in the light of ultraviolet light magic and deep colors;

● before shipment, we securely pack so that the picture arrives safe, delivery.

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