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Psychedelic Room Deco Hippie Сarpet «Alice»

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The mysterious world of the looking glass is no longer disturbed by evil. Every centimeter of this dimension is permeated with calmness and friendliness, and its insane inhabitants have found cosmic harmony with the universe. The author of the drawing based on the famous story is the artist Artrama.


Carpet properties:
•    glowing in ultraviolet, LED and neon pattern;
•    a colorful image where you can see all the details;
•    the drawing is applied to a carpet with a short pile;
•    the material is soft, pleasant to the touch;
•    stitched along the edges taped, and with two opposite sides in addition sewn fringe;
•    the thickness of the carpet is 3-4 millimeters;
•    the material has high wear resistance, and the pattern will remain the same saturated even after years;
•    easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner or brush;
•    suitable for wet cleaning.


Available in sizes:

  • M, medium – 100 x 150 cm / 39 x 59’’;
  • L, large – 150 x 225 cm / 59 x 88’’.


Allow yourself to touch the beloved fairy tale, the placing at home this rainbow UV-deco carpet! Delivery anywhere in the world.


Have a nice trip!


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