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Fluoro psychedelic tapestry Snake Wind by Andy Troootootoo

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The image is supposedly spiritual and, if we just turn away, is ready to live our own life. Symmetrical fractal structures are striking in their depth and harmony. Repeatability of the elements symbolizes the life changes that arise again and again. Artist Andy Trootootoo.


● S, standart: 70 х 75 cm (28 x 30’’);

● M, compact: 100 х105 cm (40 x 42’’);

● L, large: 150 х 155 cm (60 x 62’’);

● XL, giant: 200 х 210 cm (80 x 84’’).

Interesting details:

☑the picture glows in the fluorescence and neon;

☑ unique technology of high-quality non-pixel printing is used to apply the image to the fabric;

☑fastening for hanging.

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