Fractal Art Print UV tapestry «Pristine savage»

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The primordial savage lives in the soul of every woman, but this wildness lies in the irrepressible thirst for life, in the lively response of the heart, in the fullness of feelings and insights, true femininity and grace. This is a profound tapestry  about the sensory perception of the world, about the formation of personal boundaries and the dissipation of hypocritical decency. Immerse yourself in the world of reality in the moment here and now with the talented artist Julia Tauritari.


Features of the stunning glowing tapestry :

  • excellent fluorescent glow in neon, ultraviolet and LED;

  • sublimation printing guarantees a clear and bright pattern that will not fade in the sun and on which cracks will not appear;

  • image - a high-quality digitalized reproduction of a real painting of the artist, which will allow you to enjoy and be inspired by the author's work;

  • rich in color details and a well-thought-out conceptual plot;

  • eco-friendly paints and fabrics are completely hypoallergenic and safe, odorless;

  • dense fabric is additionally stitched along the perimeter, there are convenient loops for hanging;

  • only delicate washing and ironing modes are suitable;

  • the product will withstand various weather conditions in the festival spaces: rain, wind, dust;

  • will gracefully fit into any interior, emphasize the exclusive taste of the owner, strengthen the place of power; great for decorating parties, studios, festivals.


Several sizes for your choice:

  • S, standard: 50 x 75 cm / 19,5 х 30”;

  • M, medium: 75 x 110 cm / 30 х 43”;

  • L, large: 150 x 100 cm / 59 х 39”.


Hurry up to place an order and become the owner of a stunning interior tapestry to create an incredible atmosphere!


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