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Gypsy Bedroom Deco UV Carpet «Abyss»

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The mystical interweaving of lines is combined into a single pattern that conceals the mystery of depth. It is as if the flower of the universe is blooming in the drawing, emitting a blissful fragrance with languid notes of inner peace. Sacred Geometry gives a visual delight and calms the mind. Author Anna Adamskaya.


Characteristics of an unusual carpet:
•    impressively bright and detailed pattern;
•    the drawing glows in UV, neon and LED;
•    wear-resistant, but at the same time soft material - short pile carpet;
•    this mat will not slide across the floor due to the rubberized coating on the reverse side;
•    sewn with braid around the edges;
•    there is a fringe on two opposite sides;
•    product thickness about 3-4 mm;
•    easily and quickly cleaned with a conventional vacuum cleaner;
•    not afraid of water, therefore it is suitable for wet cleaning;
•    will not fade over time, the colors will remain the same saturated.


Available sizes:

  • M, medium - 100x150 cm / 39 x 59’’;
  • L, large - 150x225 cm / 59 x 88’’.


A  decorative acid carpet will be a great addition to a bedroom interior, a relaxation area with soft sofas, a studio, an office or space for creativity. There is delivery all over the world!


Have a nice trip!

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