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The true outfit of the soul is not at all clothing over the body, but enlightened states of mind, instincts, many-eyed intuition and knowledge. This psychedelic tapestry  bewitches the eye with enchanting colors, mystery and freedom in every stroke. This maiden-guardian will protect your place of power, nourish it with the sacred scent of spirituality and miracles in every moment. Artist - Julia Tauritari.


Details of acid cloth:

  • bright and rich fluorescent glow in ultraviolet, neon and LED;

  • the image is a reproduction of the artist's real painting, digitized for printing on fabric, so that you can distinguish the smallest strokes and brush strokes;

  • in daylight, it surprises the imagination with soft flicker and "twisting";

  • the newest method of applying an image on fabric - sublimation printing, which guarantees dazzling colorful colors of the product for a long time;

  • the image is resistant to sunlight, dusty wind, rain;

  • hypoallergenic eco-materials: paint and fabric are odorless;

  • the picture has an additional seam around the perimeter for strength and reliable hinges for fastening to various surfaces;

  • to put the linen in order, we ask you to use only delicate modes for washing and ironing;

  • the tapestry will be a great addition to the interior in the women's place of power, when holding red tents and nursing parties, as well as when decorating any festival spaces!


Sizes available to order:

  • S, standard: 75 x 46 cm / 30 х 18”;

  • M, medium: 150 x 94 cm / 59 х 37”.


Hurry up to order an incredibly trippy psychedelic tapestry!


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