Glowing Wall Tapestry «Bio-Energetic Vortexes Vol 5 - Speak Vishuddha Chakra»

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An open fifth chakra is the door to freedom of expression and genius. It is associated with the cervical region and throat. Vishuddha helps in self-realization, allows you to identify true needs, influences the ability to convince, convey your ideas and values. In the normal state of the throat chakra, a person will be able to develop the abilities of a leader and become one with his thoughts, desires and actions. The picture was drawn by digital artist Hakan Hisim.


Characteristics of the fluoric picture:

  • bright and detailed drawing;

  • magic glow in ultraviolet, neon and LED;

  • printing on eco-friendly fabric;

  • dense edges of the canvas will protect against deformation;

  • can be washed and ironed in a delicate mode, the picture will not be damaged;

  • there are hinges to help secure the painting to the wall.


Available sizes:

  • XS, compact – 60 x 80 cm / 24 х 31’’;

  • S, standard – 150 x 112 cm / 59 х 44’’;

  • M, medium – 200 x 150 cm / 79 х 59’’;

  • L, big – 225 х 300 см / 90 х 120’’.


Meditation next to this canvas will help to harmonize inner states and reveal creative abilities. Hurry up to buy a fluorescent painting with delivery!


Have a nice trip ॐ

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