Glowing psychedelic art painting «Micro Macro»

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The brain gives birth and reproduces our consciousness. He is a storehouse of human wisdom and a gateway to extraterrestrial knowledge. However, in the philosophy of consciousness, the concepts of "brain" and "mind" are different. Where the brain is responsible for neural processes, the mind is related to the perception of reality. The author of the painting is Vigenari-artist Luminokaya.


Features of Esoteric Tapestry:

  • acidic and saturated colors;

  • a painting with a fluorescent effect glows in LED, UV and neon;

  • the fabric is protected from deformation, as it is sewn along the edges;

  • you can hang a canvas on the wall using hinges;

  • suitable for delicate washing and ironing.


There are sizes:

  • S, compact – 75 x 54 cm / 29 х 21’’;

  • M, medium – 150 x 109 cm / 59 х 43’’;

  • L, big – 225 x 163 cm / 88 х 64’’;

  • XL, impressive – 300 х 216 сm / 120 x 86’’;

  • XL, giant – 450 х 324 сm / 180 x 130’’.


Hurry up to buy a unique meditation tapestry with worldwide delivery! Have a nice trip!


Have a nice trip ॐ

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