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Hippie Bohemian Fleece Blanket «Micro Macro»

  • $184.48
  • Product Code: Micro Macro
  • Availability: In Stock

Introducing a unique psychedelic throw blanket! Acid figures and elements of the plot will help to leave mortal thoughts and go beyond the reasonable, to catch the alpha state and dissolve in the moment here and now. The practical qualities of the blanket will help you forget about the cold and will give you a feeling of invulnerability and security. Let only lucid and beautiful dreams visit you with him. Artist - Luminokaya.


More about the fractal glowing bedspread:

  • fantastic fluorescent glow of the blanket in ultraviolet, neon and LED-lamps;

  • made of soft fleece - hypoallergenic material, known for its pleasant to the touch velvety pile, which retains heat well;

  • maintains a comfortable body temperature, you will be warm, but not hot;

  • easy to care for - use the delicate mode if washing is necessary;

  • an impeccable helper at festivals, will give you a cozy and wholesome sleep, please the eye and create a fantastic atmosphere in a tent or on vacation in a hammock;

  • one size: 154 x 220 cm / 60,5 х 86,5”.


Hurry up to become the proud owner of a unique novelty - a psychedelic blanket for the most vivid and lucid dreams!


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Have a nice trip!

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