Any party, be it a concert, an open-air festival or a club rave, is always a massive and vibrant event. At such events, people want to relax, open up to new emotions and immerse themselves in the joyous and transformational holiday atmosphere.

Accordingly, competent and memorable decorations can help to create that very unforgettable and enlivening atmosphere. One of our subdivisions - creative workshop “Psychometrika” (located in Moscow, Russia) - decorates with atmospheric designs many modern clubs, festivals and other venues. We create unique psychedelic designs of rooms and open spaces, which are impossible to forget and take one’s eyes, minds and hearts off!

Among the top events we have worked for are Axioma, BK Festival, Flurodelica, General Subject, MysticSound Party, Radiozora connecting Moscow, Skazka, Chillout Planet, Cymatic Vibe, Top Secret and many others.

We would be more than excited to organize decorations of your entire event, any parts of it (for example, a stage), or make a unique bright photo zone with glowing fluorescent details. We can create a magical psychedelic UV atmosphere starting from just 200 euro's.

All decorations are selected according to your preferences, so just trust and open up to your visions and wildest imagination! 

For our unique designs we can use:
✓ psychedelic fluorescent canvases of various sizes and designs, which can be used to decorate walls or effectively divide spaces;
✓ glowing fractals and mandalas made of threads on the frame, which will fit into the existing designs of stages and DJ booths;
✓ UV-active thread design - psychedelic string art, which can be attached to any surface, decorate the entrance or make a mysterious acid-looking photo zone;
✓ UV-active frameless ceiling decorations, which are mounted under the ceiling and create an impressive volumetric effect, with even the possibility of creating a dome structure with psychedelic patterns.
In addition, we can make different custom-made decorations.

Our creative workshop “Psychometrika” provides high-quality complete and convenient service to its customers. You do not need to worry about delivery and decorations - we will do everything ourselves and at no extra charge! 

We provide our services in the following order:

  1. As you first contact our manager, we select the desired decorations and designs together and agree on the expected day and time of delivery and installation;
  2. At the specified time, we come to your event along with decorations and mount them according to your wishes;
  3. After the event, we dismantle and take the decorations back to our workshop.

When choosing to work with us, you can be sure in the amazing visionary effects and excitements that your guests will be experiencing! Please leave us a message and we will help you create a unique, charming and unforgettable atmosphere for your party!


If you want the guests to remember your event as much as possible, leave a request to formand we will contact you! Or just write us an email:

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Best regards, Fractalika Team.