Greetings, explorer of the psychedelic world! Today we will lift the veil of our creative Fractalika family and introduce you to our members.
We are all passionate specialists engaged in many processes from different corners of our vast and immense world, and each of us has a unique background. And we are all united by one thing - an unconditional love for Fractalika and it's magical visionary art.
Eva — founder of the project
Eva created Fractalika in the summer of 2012. It was, one might say, her challenge to herself. After all, for a long time, the business she loved did not bear fruit. But through years of effort, Eva was able to breathe life into it.
Now Fractalika is more than just a project. It brings together like-minded people whose consciousness is focused on exploring our infinite world and discovering inner realities through transcendental experience and psychedelic creative art.
"The connection that arises between us is our main driving force. It’s the artists, the programmers, the print studio guys, the girls who write the text and manage content, and, of course, our customers and social media subscribers. Yes, things didn't always go smoothly. There were also detractors who tried to jeopardize the existence of our project. But the light and goodness always win, as we know now," says Eva.
Manu— content manager
Manu is a beautiful girl from the warm Crimea. She has a fine sense of the world of sounds and knows how to catch extraordinary moments in everyday life, so she is engaged in photography and organization of music festivals.
Manu joined Fractalika in May 2020, but has been following the project almost since its inception. She now lives in the Far North and creates content on our social media, inspired by the magic of the northern lights.
"Fractalika is very fine tuned to my inner world. Here I find a lot of amazing things, enjoy visionary art, music and delve into philosophical questions. And artists give us the opportunity for a visual and internal immersion into the magical and deep worlds of the subconscious", explains Manu.
Tatia — content writer
Tatia lives at the mouth of the Volga River in the city of seven winds. She once worked in HR, but realized that this was not her way of the heart. Now Tatia devotes her life to three creative areas at once – writing, sewing and sculpting with clay.
Tatia joined the project in the fall of 2019. That's when Eva noticed her texts and offered to write for Fractalika. Here, Tatia handles the textual design of products and their placement online.
"Through the project, I've been able to find creative expression of myself and use the high-pitched and symbolic language I think with, the colorful phrases I sometimes express myself with, and the spiritualized feelings I'm filled with. Everything you read about the products is deeply felt within and put into words to make it easier for you to immerse yourself in a connective state and discover your inner response before buying them", shares Tatia.
Anastasia — content writer
 Anastasia was born in a town among the Ural Mountains and caught the meteorite fall. She came across the Fractalika project back in her school years and fell in love with it from its initial paintings. Inspired by the different works of our artists, Nastya also began to draw herself.
Once Anastasia was a journalist, but decided to leave this job. Fate was benevolent, and in the fall of 2020, Nastya began working in Fractalika. Here she again writes articles and product descriptions as well as creates some of the content on our social media.
"Fractalika helped me find myself again, I feel real here. It's not just a project for me, as it has other meanings – being a source of energy, inspiration and a special philosophy that resonates with my own worldview. I found my heart here", says Anastasia.


Pavel — translator

Pavel, our interpreter from a cozy suburb of Moscow, got a full academic scholarship from the University of Virginia, USA, at the age of 16, and after 6 years of study returned back to help his motherland. He created and runs one of the largest scientific portals about nuclear and radiation technologies in the world, where he is the editor-in-chief. And in parallel, since 2020, also helps Fractalika translate texts for the English-speaking community.
Pavel is not only an intellectual, but also a creative person. He dreams of becoming a DJ and playing cosmic Psydub and Psychill music. His love for psychedelic music is also harmoniously intertwined with his deepest awe and appreciation of visionary art.
"I became acquainted with Fractalika when I started designing my apartment, and it is now fully decorated with amazing visionary art from the project. In my collection there are over 20 magical UV-paintings of different sizes and meanings, whom I regularly meditate on and draw inspiration from", admits Pavel.
Irina — store manager
Our store manager Irina also lives in the capital of our country. She is passionate about psychology, interested in the different ways of human spiritual development, uses various practices and even dreams of learning Shivaist massage.
By profession, Irina is a lawyer. However, she decided to give up this job and started searching for herself. So in December 2020, Irina came to Fractalika. Here she places orders, communicates with customers, and sometimes even writes texts about our new products.
"For me this work was a breath of fresh air and a chance to "wake up" after a long laborious hibernation. It so happened that after the birth of my children, I realized that I was not ready, could not and did not want to work in jurisprudence. The search for a satisfying job continued, and now with Eva’s help I am participating in her project. I am very happy to be a part of it", says Irina.
Sergey — developer / technical support
 Sergey comes from a city on the banks of the Volga and Sviyaga rivers. Perhaps in one of his past lives he was a computer hardware or programming language inventor, because his hobbies and work for him are one and the same. Sergey also likes Pink Floyd, Chekhov, writing articles, and now he has added visionary art to his list.
Sergey got into the project in May 2019. He is working in technical support and develops new functionality for our online store. The psychedelic Fractalika website you see now was created with his assistance.
"I really like Fractalika. Here we often encounter and solve interesting, often atypical problems. Many technical solutions in general are unique and created specifically for Fractalika in-house," explains Sergey.

Veronica — accountant

Veronica lives in the capital and is very skilled at managing numbers. She does not call accounting her profession, but her hobby. In 2010 she founded a small business accounting outsourcing company, which she does to this day, and in 2020 she began working with Fractalika.
Veronica is personally acquainted with Eva, the founder of the project, because she was recommended by many people as a wonderful and passionate business specialist. Therefore the connection between them was immediate. Since then, Veronica has been handling money matters for Fractalika.
"Visionary art is a unique style, an interweaving of mysticism, consciousness and meditation. I really enjoy being on this team with other talented people. I am happy that the project is going forward, as my field of knowledge helps it to develop financially", shares Veronica.
These are the people that keep our project alive and give it new deeper meanings. Perhaps one day there will be more of us and we will introduce you to other new team members. For now the story of our yet small, but very loving and friendly Fractalika family ends.
Have a nice trip ॐ