History has taught people nothing: in the entire 20th century, hundreds of millions of people fell victims of wars, millions of destinies were twisted, several generations dealt with the consequences, and now war has started again.

We are all people: of the same blood, we live on the same planet.
A military conflict in the current realities is absurd and staged from above. None of the ordinary people need it. We all want to take care of our lives and families.

In this regard, we ask you to wait a little longer to receive your orders, as we hope that circumstances will change for the better in the near future. We really hope for your support, patience and understanding. If the situation does not change within one or two weeks, orders will be canceled and refunded.

We also inform you that in our online shop you can buy artworks from Ukrainian artists: SolipsLab , Ihtianderson, ShivaOm, Artrama. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

All the Best ☮️Fractalika Team