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Lenticular Meditation Wall Art Picture «Spirit molecule»

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Tags: 3D Picture, Lenticular Picture, Fantasy Picture, Unique Decoration, Meditation Wall Art, Psychedelic 3D

Lenticular Meditation Wall Art Picture «Spirit molecule»

The illusory model of being is trying to seep into our consciousness, but these attempts will remain unsuccessful. Those who give birth to thought, keep the truth and destroy mirages, closely monitor our mental well-being. These entities have passed the energy of the cosmos through themselves to help a person achieve his super-state. The author of the work is the artist Shivaom.

Properties of the mystic picture:

  • the picture shimmers and changes at different viewing angles;
  • animation effect;
  • amazing detail, deep shadows and bright colors;
  • aluminum frame;
  • there are mounts for hanging;
  • thickness 2 centimeters.

Comes in sizes:

  • XS, compact - 30x30 cm (11,8х11,8‘’);
  • S, standard - 40x40 cm (15,7х15,7‘’);
  • M, medium - 50x50 (19,6х19,6х‘’).

This spiritual wall art decor item will be a unique find for those who want to decorate the space in an atypical way or make a memorable and original gift for a holiday to a friend or loved one. There is delivery all over the world!

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