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Decorative Mandala Rug «Sahasrara mandala»

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Human spiritual potential is concentrated in the Sahasrara chakra. It is thanks to her that insight occurs and communication with the cosmos is carried out. By placing a rug with a luminous purple mandala in the bedroom or near your place of power, you can achieve inner balance and an even flow of all energies. Drawing by Jan Kruze.


UV carpet characteristics:
•    glows in ultraviolet, LED and neon;
•    detailed and vivid pattern striking the imagination;
•    wear-resistant and pleasant to the touch carpet with a short pile;
•    the reverse side has a rubber substrate, protecting from sliding;
•    our magic rug is sewn with braid around the edges, and there is a soft fringe on two opposite sides;
•    it is easy to take care of the carpet - a regular vacuum cleaner is suitable for removing dust, and you can get rid of stains using wet cleaning;
•    the drawing will remain the same saturated after years;
•    carpet thickness - 3-4 mm.


The carpet is presented in sizes:

  • M, medium – 100 x 150 cm / 39 x 59’’;
  • L, large – 150 x 225 cm / 59 x 88’’.


Such a blacklight active carpet is suitable not only for interior decoration, but also for deep meditation, allowing prana to be evenly distributed throughout all channels. Hurry to order with delivery all over the world!


Have a nice trip!


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