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UV visionary esoteric tapestry «MANUSCRIPT 6 - Vehicular Dynamics»

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The movement of planets, energies, the passage of time, the breath of the wind, molecules, water, space and even the breath of a person - all this contains ancient knowledge. The manuscript contains information about the code of the universe, the most important secret, which is carefully hidden, but at the same time lies on the surface. This secret is not available to everyone, but only to those who are able to go beyond consciousness and open the door for new understanding. Painted by artist Hakan Hisim.


More on the psychedelic painting:

  • eco-friendly fabric and paints;

  • incredibly detailed and clear image containing secret knowledge;

  • glows in special lighting - neon, UV and LED;

  • the canvas is stitched along the edges, protected from deformation;

  • can be hung on the wall with hinges;

  • suitable for ironing and washing - the pattern will not be damaged.


Sold in sizes:

  • XS, compact – 60 x 80 cm / 24 х 31’’;

  • S, standard – 150 x 112 cm / 59 х 44’’;

  • M, impressive – 200 x 150 cm / 79 х 59’’.


The UV-active banner will enhance the energy in your home. Hurry up to buy a psychedelic canvas with worldwide delivery!


Have a nice trip ॐ

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