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Magic Wood lamp Geometric Light "Magen", 5 layers

  • $253.38
  • Product Code: Magen
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The relief of a multi-tiered ornament with sacred geometry, many viewing angles of spectral colors, bright and mysterious overflows of light are embodied in this psychedelic lamp. Opening a wide scope for the flight of imagination and imagination, you feel how the lungs are filled with the radiance of grace and the flame of spiritual uplift. Carved motifs are made with great love and attention. This lamp will perfectly fit any interior, saturating the space with color and harmony. And you will feel how in the very depths of the soul inner peace flares up with sparks of a supernova.

More about the lamp:

- LED-lamp with a controller;

- included control panel that allows you to adjust the color and saturation of lighting, as well as the speed of color change;

- 19 built-in color kaleidoscope programs;

- natural materials used: wood, MDF, plywood, decorative acrylic enamels, acrylic varnish for the panel,

- 5 levels, a recess of 4,6 cm (1,8``);

- modern laser cutting technology, which results in carefully crafted edges of wooden surfaces and high accuracy of the outline of the pattern;

- the surface of the lamp is treated with a special high-quality varnish;

- there are convenient and reliable mounts for mounting on the wall;

- all lamps are equipped with a universal 110/220 V transformer and come with a cable in white or black (your choice). Power cable length 1,5-2 m (60``-80``), standard European plug;

- if you are from the USA, then we automatically put the adapter into an American outlet in the kit;

- You can specify the color of the power cable and the type of plug. We will gladly take into account your wishes, but if you forgot to specify these parameters, then we mount the cable depending on the availability in our warehouse.


Size options to choose from:

✓ 56х49 cm/22’’x19.3’’
✓ 67х59 cm/26.8’’x23.6’’ 


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