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Mandala Meditation Tapestry «Key of Shambala»

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Tags: psychedelic tapestry, uv backdrop, fluorescent, psychedelic backdrops, psychedelic art, trippy wallpaper

The mysterious abode, place of power, stronghold of sacred knowledge about the universe - the country of Shambhala, protects the wealth of the universe and the keys to the priceless gifts of spiritual power. It is believed that few can reach the holy place of grace, and only when karma is ready. But you, a warrior of the spirit, know that you can find Shambhala inside yourself, revealing the petals of the soul to the divine will. Artist – Artrama.


About the artwork:

- It has fluorescent qualities, shines with magical colors in UV, neon and LED-lamps;

- Attracts attention with rich shades even in daylight or normal lighting;

- The artistic composition is thought out to the smallest detail;

- The material has improved strength properties, therefore it will withstand the effects of an aggressive environment (sun, wind, precipitation, dust, washing);

- The edge is full reinforced for convenient fastenings, which allows you to easily and conveniently mount on any surface;

- Eco-friendly materials: fabric and paint are non-toxic and odorless;

- Modern printing technology allows you to save bright and saturated colors for a long time;

- Great for decorating a home or place of power, studio or workshop, festival space;


Several sizes to choose from:

✓S, small: 20 x 20 in (50 x 50 cm);
✓M, compact: 39 х 39 in (100 x 100 cm);
✓L, standard: 59 х 59 in (150 x 150 cm);


Hurry up to buy this awesome UV reactive backdrop with worldwide delivery!

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