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Meditation blacklight UV-tapestry "Lord Ganesh and Electric Eels"

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  • Product Code: Lord Ganesh and Electric Eels
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The generous God of wisdom and well-being, Ganesh, is protected from any influence of the asuras. The song of his Spirit sounds like a turquoise flute, spills in the Universe and lifts up into the Heavens. This painting by artist Andrei Verner is a wonderful expression of meaning in your space. Awesome work by artist Andrey Verner.


More about the fluorescent blacklight active decorations:

• UV printing on fabric, a UV lamp is needed to create an amazing glow;

 • stunning bright colors are impressive even in normal daylight and produce visual effects;

• the technology of sublimation printing is used, thanks to which the drawing is of high quality and expressiveness;

• artistic composition is thought out with amazing precision and attention to all details;

• eco-friendly materials: no odors and toxins, no allergic reactions;

• fabric with the qualities of increased strength, does not wrinkle and is resistant to different weather conditions (direct sunlight, rain, wind and dust);

• sealed edge of the product around the perimeter;

• the presence of eyelets for quick and easy attachment to any surface;

• for the durability of the product, it is necessary to use a delicate wash cycle;

• perfect for attunement to flawless states of consciousness and creating coziness in your favorite spaces.


Choice of canvas sizes:

  • S, standard: 100 x 50 cm / 39 х 20”;

  • M, medium: 150 x 75 cm / 59 х 29”;

  • L, large: 200 x 100 cm / 79 х 39”;

  • XL, huge: 300 x 150 cm / 118 х 59”.


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