Meditation hippie UV-tapestry “Moves in All Things»

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An inspirational tapestry  about the magnificent and all-encompassing power of the True Woman. Smooth movement of lines, soft attractive shapes and pleasant colors. Ideal for decorating the place of power of beautiful virgins, and will be a wonderful artifact for your contemplative and ecstatic practices. The work of the artist Tatyana Kiseleva.


About this visionary psychedelic art painting:

  • fluorescent sublimation printing - bright glow of paints in the backlight of ultraviolet radiation, neon or LED-lamp;

  • spectacular visual art - the image surprises the imagination with rich and deep colors;

  • tapestry - a digitized reproduction of a real painting by the artist, artistry and sensuality in every stroke and stroke of the brush;

  • hypoallergenic materials: fabric and paints are completely safe;

  • the fabric of the tapestry  is durable, withstands gusts of wind and rain at the festival, the image will not crack or fade in the sun;

  • the edge of the product is additionally stitched along the perimeter for greater strength;

  • there are fasteners for hanging;

  • can be washed and ironed, but in delicate washing and ironing modes;

  • will stunningly fit into any interior, will make a bright accent when decorating various studios and workshops, and be sure to take it with you to the festival!


Blacklight active Backdrop size options:

  • S, standard: 50 x 31 cm / 19,5 х 12”;

  • M, medium: 100 x 63 cm / 39 х 25”;

  • L, large: 150 x 94 cm / 59 х 37”;

  • XL, huge: 200 x 125 cm / 78,5 х 49”.


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