Meditation UV blacklight Wall Art «Creation of Trimurti»

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The spiritual connection of everyone with everyone at the spiritual and neural levels of the Universe is striking in its infinity. The time comes for awakening from deep sleep and the manifestation of your divinity in order to jointly create a beautiful reality. A colorful and strong fluorescent tapestry  from the artist Nastasia Tayna.


Properties of the mystical glowing tapestry:

  • the image is a high-format digitized reproduction of the artist's original painting, you can distinguish between the smallest and lightest brush strokes;

  • fluorescent paints, thanks to which the tapestry  glows in ultraviolet, neon and LED-lamps;

  • in daylight - bright and saturated colors;

  • high quality sublimation printing - the image will retain brightness for a long time, will not crack and will not fade in the sun;

  • resistance to various weather conditions at festival events: wind, dust, rain;

  • convenient hooks for hanging;

  • environmentally friendly materials: paint and durable fabric are odorless and hypoallergenic;

  • if you need to wash or iron, please use the delicate mode;

  • fits perfectly into any interior or becomes a bright accent in creating a boho atmosphere, for decorating studios and workshops, parties or festival spaces.


Several options are available to order:

  • S, standard: 41 x 50 cm / 16 х 19,5”;

  • M, medium: 80 x 67 cm / 32 х 26”.


Take this unique opportunity to order stunning psychedelic décor for your favorite space!


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