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Mushroom blacklight décor-tapestry "Shub-Niggurath Demon Summoning"

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  • Product Code: Shub-Niggurath Demon Summoning
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Contradictory other gods and ambiguous events fascinate and frighten at the same time. Exciting moments of encounters with dark entities open our eyes to the inner potential for resisting evil. Get ready to face your demons to become light. Artist Andrei Verner.


Properties of the hallucinogenic glowing trippy banner:

• printing an image on fabric, fluorescent effects are created when an ultraviolet lamp is illuminated;

• rich and deep colors in daylight;

• high quality sublimation printing: clear contours of all details of a complex image;

• environmental friendliness of printing technology: hypoallergenic fabrics and paints are odorless and completely safe;

• especially durable fabric material withstands wind gusts and high humidity;

• the edge of the product is additionally stitched and reinforced;

• the image is resistant to fading;

• can be washed in a delicate mode and does not need to be ironed at all;

• hanging loops;

• This canvas is a bold and stunning wall decoration for your spaces, festivals and workshops.


Several size options:

  • S, standard: 100 x 50 cm / 39 х 20”;

  • M, medium: 150 x 75 cm / 59 х 29”;

  • L, large: 200 x 100 cm / 79 х 39”;

  • XL, huge: 300 x 150 cm / 118 х 59”.


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