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Mystic Sacred Geometry Wall Art «Vertigo»

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The symmetry of measurements on the fractal art enters into resonance with the internal field structures of the beholder, emits impulses of endurance and increases the lines of force of the space in which it is located. An amazing play of contrast creates fractal strokes and trails, amazes the imagination and gives visual pleasure. By Gydravlik, NeuroSurfers collection. 


Features of the geometric backdrop:

  • fluorescent glow in ultraviolet;
  • impressive contrasting tones;
  • dense and especially durable eco-fabric, resistant to washing, sunlight and other weather conditions (snow, rain, wind, dust), easy to use;
  • sublimation printing is non-toxic, all materials are odorless and hypoallergenic;
  • incredibly high detail and print quality, thought out to the smallest stroke composition;
  • can be ironed and washed on a delicate cycle;
  • reinforced edges of the trippy backdrop and the presence of eyelets will allow you to conveniently take with you on trips and easily attach to any frames;
  • can be washed and ironed in delicate modes;
  • Ideal for decorating scenes of parties, interiors, festivals and outdoor picnics.


Many size options:

  • XS, compact: 100 x 46 cm / 39.5 х 18”;
  • S, small: 150 x 69 cm / 59 х 27”;
  • M, standard: 200 x 92 cm / 79 х 36 ”;
  • L, medium: 300 x 138 cm / 118 х 54”;
  • XL, large: 400 x 184 cm / 157.5 х 72.4”;
  • XXL, huge: 500 x 230 cm / 197 х 90.5”;
  • XXXL, giant: 600 x 276 cm / 236 х 108.5”.


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