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Mystical Rabbit Puzzle «Polar Shaman»

  • $45.23
  • Product Code: Polar Shaman
  • Availability: In Stock

Tags: jigsaw rainbow puzzle, impossible puzzle, jigsaw puzzle for adults, puzzle UV active

Mystical Rabbit Puzzle «Polar Shaman»

The polar shaman listens to the voice of nature. He long ago gave up earthly passions and attachments in order to achieve a state of complete unity. His gaze is clear, and his thoughts are directed into the very depths of knowledge. The author of the picture is Nika Samarina.

Sacred puzzle Properties:

  • uniqueness - this luminous puzzle has no analogues anywhere in the world;
  • shine in LED, neon and UV;
  • thoughtful plot of the picture and incredible color transitions;
  • collected puzzle size 30x42 cm (11,8х16,5‘’);
  • in a set of 300 pieces;
  • eco-friendly material - durable cardboard with a glossy finish.


  • puzzle packed in a bag of durable high quality synthetic fabrics;
  • closes with a tightening;
  • the same pattern as on the unique puzzle, applied on both sides;
  • glow in neon, ultraviolet and LED;
  • extended functionality - can be used as a bag or gift wrapping;
  • suitable for delicate washing - the fabric will not deteriorate.

Solving this puzzle will help you defocus your thoughts and reveal your inner shamanic powers. Hurry to order a fluorescent puzzle with worldwide delivery!

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