Fluorescent luminous backdrop "Narasimha"

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Tags: psychedelic, uv, fluorescent, backdrop, decoration

Narasimha is a defender of the bhaktas and a loving Father. The personification of Lord Vishnu in the form of a Lion-man who came to this earth to protect his faithful boy Prahlada, from the atrocities of his demonic father. Nrisimha protects everyone who, with great devotion, asks him for help, and also relieves them of all fears and adversities. Artwork by Anahart.

The power of transformation and the energy of creation are contained in this sacral image. This canvas transforms the vibrations of space into active ones.

Various sizes:

  • XS: 50x75 cm/ 20x30”
  • S: 70x110 cm/27x43”
  • M: 100x150 cm/ 40x60”
  • L: 150x230 cm/ 60x90”
  • XL: 200x300 cm/ 80x120”
  • XXL: 300x450 cm/ 120x180”
  • XXXL: 400x600 cm/ 160x240”

This magnificent masterpiece can be observed for hours and each time you discover new worlds and fabulous psychedelic spaces.

  • fluorescent sublimation printing;
  • the brightest colors in daylight and saturated deep glow in the ultraviolet;
  • you can hang it over at home, as well as take it with you to open-air or to travel;
  • the backdrop is washable, the colors are not affected by water or sun, the material is hypoallergenic;


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