Psychedelic blacklight tapestry «Creator of the Universe»

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Tags: psychedelic tapestry, uv backdrop, fluorescent, psychedelic backdrops, psychedelic art, trippy wallpaper

The thoughtful canvas about the sacred sacrament of merging with God at the moment of inspired creation reminds us of our true nature. It opens up a source of inspiration and enlightenment, gives a spiritual uplift and protection of the muse. Thanks to the focus on this picture, the aesthetic sense of beauty is exacerbated, and the realization of the worldview occurs on elevated vibrations. Artwork by Artrama.

Features of the wall hanging:

- A picture with a fluorescent effect, shines in neon, ultraviolet and LED lamps;

- Expressively colorful colors and without specialized lighting;

- Dense eco-material is characterized by enhanced strength, which will save the paint in its original form and avoid deformation of the fabric from weather conditions;

- Withstand: bright sunlight, gusty rain and wind, numerous washing, does not absorb dust;

- Unpretentious in use, mobile with a mobile lifestyle - there are hooks, you can always take with you, it is convenient to fasten, does not take up much space;

- Eco-friendly materials that are odorless and do not cause allergies;

- Thoroughly thought out nuances of the image, the harmony of forms and harmonious lines;

- It perfectly complements the interior, characterizes it as a creative person, gives inspiration during the design of the stage, draws attention to the festival;

Few size options:

✓XS, compact: 40x60 cm/16x24’’;

✓S, standard: 50x75 cm/20x25’’;

✓M, middle: 100x150 cm/40x60’’;

✓L, large: 150x225 cm/60x90’’;


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