Psychedelic Boho Home Decor «Padmamukhi»

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The beautiful face of the magnificent goddess will illuminate your space with creative fire and rushes of inspiration. She looks at the world with a thousand loving eyes and manifests herself in everything, brings the light of life and fills with sensations. So that you can fully experience your life at your fingertips. Contemplate, hang the picture in your secret alcove or place of power, and then you will be filled with a wide perception of the world. The artist of this exciting painting is Julia Tauritari.


More about the fluorescent painting:

  • stunning effect of movement of paints on the tapestry, impressively bright and rich fluorescent colors, thanks to which the picture glows in ultraviolet, neon and LED;

  • modern technology of sublimation printing guarantees excellent quality, which will allow the image to avoid cracks and boldly resist the sun's rays;

  • image - a reproduction of the artist's original painting, digitized in high resolution;

  • phenomenal detailing of the plot of the picture, amazing magic of the artist's brush strokes; • soft pleasant glow in daylight;

  • eco-friendly materials: paint and fabric do not smell and are completely safe for humans and animals;

  • the product is resistant to changeable weather conditions (rain and moisture, dust and strong wind);

  • the tapestry is additionally stitched along the perimeter for strength and has eyelets for comfortable hanging;

  • if necessary, please use only delicate modes for product care (washing and ironing);

  • irreplaceable when creating an altar with the truth of Dakini, for the interior of the bedroom and a place of power, for the decor of yoga studios and retreat centers, as well as mandatory for festival spaces!


Available sizes:

  • S, standard: 50 x 43 cm / 19, 5 х 17”;

  • M, medium: 86 x 100 cm / 34 х 39”;

  • L, large: 130 x 150 cm / 51 х 59”.


Hurry up to order a unique psychedelic tapestry about the true divine essence of every woman! Remember, you are a Goddess.

Worldwide delivery with tracking.

Have a nice trip!


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