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Psychedelic Decorative Toy Pillow "Rainbow Unicorn"

  • $40.98
  • Product Code: Rainbow Unicorn
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It seems to us that everyone dreams of their own magical creature, especially the unicorn. Now you have the opportunity to make such a friend! The wonderful kid is very happy to share the rainbow of his immaculate soul, because he personifies spiritual purity and the power of sincere intention. Such a pillow will give brightness to the home interior or the atmosphere of club chillout spaces, and will help you to comfortably sit on a plaid during a picnic or festival.


Stunning details of a psychedelic pillow with Unicorn:

  • sewn from high quality material - velor, whose soft pile delights with velvet tenderness;
  • filler - hypoallergenic polyester fibers that will permanently preserve the bulkiness and airiness of the pillow;
  • bright and catchy print fantastically glows in UV-lamps and neon light;
  • please use only delicate washing and ironing modes to preserve the appearance and properties of the pillow for a long time;
  • your choice of two types of pillows: pink and yellow unicorn.


Size Options, Pink Unicorn:
● S, 28*40 cm / 11*16’’;
● M, 40*56 cm / 16*22,4’’;
● L, 64*46 cm / 26*18’’;

Size Options, Yellow Unicorn:
● 37*40 cm / 14,8*16’’;
● 48*50 cm / 19,2*20’’;
● 57*60 cm / 22,8*24’’.


Hurry up to order a unique UV-toy unicorn pillow for your comfort and pleasure!


Worldwide delivery with tracking.

Have a nice trip!

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