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Psychedelic fluorescent canvas "Hanuman"

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Tags: psychedelic, uv, fluorescent, backdrop, decoration

Multidimensional flute cloth with the image of Lord Hanuman. In the era of the Ramayana, a particle of Lord Shiva came to Earth in the form of the monkey-like deity Hanuman to help Lord Rama - one of the Vishnu avataras.

Lord Rama came in that era in the form of a prince (and, subsequently, a king) in order to show the world what a ruler should be. And Hanuman in order to show what a friend should be!

Lord Hanuman - the son of God of the Wind and Apsara, a heavenly dancer - is the embodiment of honesty, courage and devotion! Possesses divine power and supernormal abilities, and skillfully uses them for the benefit of all living beings. The image of Hanuman in your home is a reliable defender against evil talks, injustice and oppression, and also a true friend, companion and assistant in all good endeavors.

Artwork by Anahart.

Available Sizes:

  • XS: 50x75 cm/ 20x30”
  • S: 70x110 cm/27x43”
  • M: 100x150 cm/ 40x60”
  • L: 150x230 cm/ 60x90”
  • XL: 200x300 cm/ 80x120”
  • XXL: 300x450 cm/ 120x180”
  • XXXL: 400x600 cm/ 160x240”

A beautiful charged psychedelic canvas. When you look at it, feels like you’re being filled with inner strength and will.


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