Psychedelic glow in the dark meditation tapestry "Stingray"

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The fractal inhabitant of the deep sea invites us, inhabitants of the bottom of the air ocean, to go on a colorful journey. Visual metamorphosis and delightful color transformations, altered states of consciousness and excellent mood will accompany you if you make friends with the sea stingray. Art by Goaboom.


The advantages of the trippy fluorescent canvas:

• printing an image on fabric, to create a glow effect, you need an ultraviolet lamp backlight;

• even in the absence of such a lamp (ie in normal or daylight), the picture is stunningly bright and colorful;

• sublimation printing ensures long-term operation of the product: the image will not crack, will not fade in the sun, the colors will not fade over time;

• the material of the fabric has the property of increased strength: you can take the canvas to festivals and other events;

• eco-materials: fabric and paints are completely safe for humans and pets;

• the edge of the product is additionally reinforced;

• there are eyelets for reliable suspension on various planes;

• use the delicate regimen for leaving;

• irreplaceable decor for psychedelic events and parties, will harmoniously fit in and accentuate any interior.


Several size options:

  • S, standard: 50 x 75 cm / 20 х 29”;

  • M, medium: 100 x 150 cm / 39 х 59”;

  • L, large: 150 x 225 cm / 59 х 88”.


Hurry up to order fluorescent decorations trippy wallart, please yourself and surprise your friends!


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