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Psychedelic Hippie Home Decor «Burning Water»

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An amazingly contrasting and bright fluorescent painting, which the longer you look, the more you notice the details on it. The multi-level plot is permeated with paradoxical symbolism and the phenomenal unity of the two elements. An original tapestry  for self-sufficient and extraordinary thinking fans of esoteric art. The author of the picture is Revital Chernis.


More about the fractal trippy décor:

  • incredibly colorful fluorescent glow in ultraviolet, neon and LED;

  • without special illumination, the tapestry  pleases with bright saturated colors;

  • high-format digital image, all details and strokes are extremely clear and vividly transferred to the fabric thanks to sublimation printing;

  • the image will not crack over time and is not exposed to the sun (will not fade);

  • hypoallergenic and completely safe paint and fabric are odorless;

  • durable base material, resistant to unexpected weather surprises at the festival (gusts of wind, moisture and dust);

  • the edge of the tapestry  is additionally stitched and has special eyelets for hanging;

  • gentle washing and ironing are allowed;

  • will beautifully fit into the interior and give it sophistication and uniqueness, for any spaces, studios, private parties and open festivals.


Size options to choose from:

  • S, standard: 80 x 41 cm / 32 х 16”;

  • M, medium: 150 x 78 cm / 59 х 31”;

  • L, large: 225 x 117 cm / 88 х 46”.


Hurry up to place an order and become the owner of a unique psychedelic tapestry  decor for your interior!


Worldwide delivery with tracking.


Have a nice trip!

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