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Psychedelic mirror-portal "Zeon" 

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Tags: mirror modern art, hippie mirror, psychedelic mirror, contemporary mirror, aesthetic mirror

The incredible wall art amazes the beholder with its delicate sacred geometric pattern. This mirror is like a portal to another psychedelic dimension, where all feelings merge into a single stream...


More on psychedelic mirror:

• a mirror made of high quality glass, which is not afraid of moisture and gives a clear, deep reflection without distortion;

• the frame is made of wood, painted and varnished;

• sacred geometric pattern on the frame is made using laser cutting;

• back wall - fiberboard;

• on the back there is a special mount that allows you to hang the mirror on the wall;

• all materials are of high quality and hypoallergenic, so the product will serve you for many years.


Size of mandala frame and mirror:

✓ M, medium - frame 80 x 70 cm (31 x 27‘’), mirror 39 x 34 cm (15 x 13‘’);

✓ L, large - frame 90 x 79 cm (35 x 31‘’), mirror 45 x 39 cm (18 x 15‘’).


To enhance the portal effect, the mirror can be decorated with a glowing ribbon from the inside. The product will perfectly fit into the interior of a room, trip zone, studio or premium beauty salon.


Hurry up to order this amazing and amazing psychedelic artifact! Worldwide delivery!


Have a nice trip ॐ

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