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Psychedelic Spiritual Blacklight Decoration “Two Stars” 

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Tags: canopy, psychedelic party decor, uv active tent, hippie tent, trippy decorations

Psychedelic Spiritual Blacklight Decoration “Two Stars” 


The 6-pointed star is an ancient symbol. It means the intersection of the opposite: darkness and light, earth and sky, fall and salvation. Decorate your ceiling with this psychedelic décor to balance the energies in the space. The author of the pattern on the fabric is Andrey Verner.


More about psychedelic home decor:

• petals stretch well in all directions - made of supplex fabric;

• the drawing is bright, will delight you with its colors for a long time;

• the pattern gives off a magical glow with neon, ultraviolet and LED;

• for fastening the kit includes carabiners (12 pieces for each petal) and 10 m of strong rope;

• canopy can be machine washed and ironed in delicate modes.


Sizes to choose from:

✓ 3 meters in diameter (118’’);

✓ 5.5 meters in diameter (217’’);

✓ 11 meters in diameter (433’’).


This canopy will become a bright and memorable decoration for your party, mini-festival, room, chill-out and will perfectly fit into the decor of the stage.


Let's make to order! Term: up to two weeks.


Hurry up to order this unique spiritual bedroom deco for yourself or as a decor for events with worldwide delivery!

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