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Psychedelic Tapestry UV «Divine Portal»

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Psychedelic Tapestry UV «Divine Portal»

The unity of the Divine essence is unconditional, for a better understanding by people of the primordial nature of everything, He manifested different forms to different peoples. Therefore, to the knowledge of the truth leads many paths, merging together in the center. There, a supernatural higher being reveals the petals of his loving heart, because the spark of the human soul is indistinguishable from the divine flame that generated it. An ideal canvas for meditations to connect with the world of the Great Source. Artwork by Ihtianderson.

About the tapestry:
- Fluorescent pattern, glows in ultraviolet, neon and LED;
- Impressively bright in normal lighting;
- Dense and especially durable eco-fabric, resistant to washing, sunlight and other weather conditions (snow, rain, wind, dust), easy to operate;
- Printing is not toxic; all materials are odorless;
- High detail and print quality, thought out to the smallest touch composition;
- The reinforced edges of the canvas and the presence of eyelets will allow you to conveniently take with you on trips and easily attach to any frames;
- Perfect for interior decoration, great to take with you to the nature or festival;

You can order any size option:
✓XS, compact: 30x30 cm/12x12’’;
✓S, standard: 50x50 cm/20x20’’;
✓M, middle: 100x100 cm/40x40’’;
✓L, large: 150x150 cm/60x60’’;
✓XL, extra large 200х200 cm/80x80’’;
✓XXL, huge 250х250 cm/100x100’’.

Hurry up to buy this awesome trippy backdrop with worldwide delivery.

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