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Psychedelic UV Active Fluorescent Trippy Tshirt «Acid Scientist»

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Tags: Psychedelic, t-shirt, uv active

New and limited edition! 

New fluorescent t-shirt «Acid Scientist» by artist Andrei Verner. Manage to be the first, the amount is limited!

Straight from the quantum space a representative of another dimension looks at us — your guide through the psychedelic worlds. His penetrating gaze is directed to the very depths of your soul, from where all that is hidden, carefully hidden and forgotten, is revealed. Trust, open and conquer uncharted spaces.

- perfect quality material, pleasant to the touch: 95% cotton + 5% lycra;
- t-shirt fits perfectly on the figure;
- an impressive glow in the ultraviolet and excellent detailing, you will look at this image again and again, finding and noticing new elements;
- the image is applied by screen printing, so the picture will retain its clarity and brightness for a long time, even after washings;
-  this t-shirt is charged only on positive trips and events;

Hurry to place an order!

Have a nice trip!

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