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Esoteric mandala tapestry «Ganeshua»

  • $81.98
  • Product Code: Ganeshua
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Spiritual painting by the artist Andy Trootootoo takes us to the depths of fractal reality. Unreal bright colors, amazingly accurate drawing of small details of the picture makes this object of psychedelic art truly unique!

Details about this reproduction:

✔ high-quality digital, pixel-free printing;

✔UV reactive wall hanging;

✔ special eyelets;

We can produce fluorescent backdrop in several sizes:

● S, standard: 100 x 115 cm (40 х 46’’);

● M, compact: 150 x 175 cm (60 x 70’’);

● L, large: 200 x 230 cm (80 x 92’’);

This stunning LSD poster is a great gift and you can buy it right now!

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