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This is my third backdrop from this company and it is beautiful. Great quality! Amazing item! Thank you very much! Super quality. From designs to the material used to the print. I love it. You will be most satisfied.


Buying the picture... give the name of art: "plan of evacuation" our guests very smile when they see this art 8-) & all people sayd very cool ...!!! Nice colours... with ultraviolet super puper!!!! Prety nice & interesting... 1m#1.5m... in the nex time takes more syze... becours it's very cool to see... thank you Fractalika!!!

--Андрей Ефремкин--

I highly recommend this perfect quality backdrops! 10 stars, guys. Super friendly team. Backdrop looks great with and without uv light, totally amazing! Verry impresive colors and very detailed! I can look at it for ages)))

--Trippy guy--

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