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Sacred Geometry Mandala Wall Art "Sunflower" 6 layers

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The mandala is a beautiful and harmonious symbol that speaks to you in the language of divine love. High-frequency vibrations of the highest order reveal their incomparable bud towards the contemplator and charge his nature with optimism, a touch of childish immediacy and endlessly falling in love with the world. The fractal plane acquires volume and color saturation, thanks to which such a decor will always look original in your interior, and the sacred symbol of the mandala will protect you from mental larvae.


Impeccable details of a stunning wooden mandala for decoration:

- The perfect combination of deep spiritual meaning and a beautiful materialistic form;

- perfect for creating an accent in the decoration of the room, emphasizes the interior of public institutions;

- the use of environmentally friendly and pleasant materials: wood, fiberboard, plywood;

- the depth of the carved ornament in 6 layers is 2 cm;

- laser cutting guarantees the highest accuracy and clarity of the outline;

- the surface is painted and coated with high-quality varnish;

- we can paint the mandala in any color and send you photos before packing the product;

- there are mounts for hanging.


A sunny flower awaits you in various formats:

✓ Diameter 60 cm/24’’
✓ Diameter 70 cm/28’’
✓ Diameter 80 cm/32’’
✓ Diameter 90 cm/36’’


Worldwide delivery with tracking.

Hurry up to order a unique laser artwork bohemian wall deco artifact for yourself or for friends!

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