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Sacred Geometry Painting «Inner Reflection»

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Look in the mirror and you will see your outer shell. Close your eyes and you will discover your true self. Your worldly form is temporary. The eternal and sacred is stored deeper – in your inner reflection. The psychedelic mandala was painted by the artist Ihtianderson.


Description of the fractal tapestry:

• the image and color solutions are thought out to the smallest detail;

• psychedelic picture glows in ultraviolet;

• can be washed and ironed, but in gentle modes;

• the fabric is stitched along the edges;

• there are hinges for fastening the painting to the wall.


Dimensions of the mandala painting:

XS, compact – 75 x 50 cm (39 x 20‘’);

S, standard – 150 x 100 cm (59 x 39‘’);

M, medium – 225 x 150 cm (89 x 50‘’);

L, large – 200 x 300 cm (79 x 118‘’);

XL, impressive – 300 x 450 cm (118 x 177‘’).


This mandala backdrop can be ordered for yourself, for commercial use or as a gift! We deliver all over the world.

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