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Sacred Geometry Psychedelic Mandala Bohemian Lamp "Golden Teacher, 5 layers

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  • Product Code: Golden Teacher
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Perfect forms and enchanting magic of light, merging into a duet, create a fantastic and delightful source of lighting and wisdom. The expressive texture of several layers and the symbolism of sacred geometry fill the heart with creative energy, delight the soul with warmth, bring intuitive insights, and give visual pleasure. After all, light is always the best teacher. An excellent gift for your inner world and outer space.


Advantages of a unique mandala lamp:

- LED lamp with remote control;

- the ability to adjust at its discretion color, brightness and speed of the change of shades;

- 19 built-in modes;

- LED controller saves the latest settings;

- natural eco-materials: wood, MDF, plywood, acrylic enamels and varnishes for decoration;

- 5 levels of the picture, a recess of 4,6 cm (1,8``);

- laser cutting, which guarantees the accuracy and clarity of the contours of the ornament;

- the surface is coated with high-quality varnish;

- reliable fasteners for hanging;

- all lamps are equipped with a universal transformer for a 110/220 V power line;

- you can choose the color of the cable (white / black), length 1,5-2 m (60``-80``), standard European plug;

- if you are from the USA, then we automatically put the adapter into an American outlet in the kit;

- if suddenly you forgot to indicate the color of the power cable and the type of plug, then we mount the cable depending on the availability in our warehouse.


Size range of fixtures:

✓ 56x51 cm/22"x20"
✓ 67x60 cm/26,3"x23,6"


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