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Sacred Geometry Wall Hanging Mandala "Navi" 5 layers

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Give yourself a portal to other worlds and mental states.

The spatial corridor will carefully carry you into the cradle of deep enlightenment and lead you to the beginning of time, and the protection rings in the mandala ornament will become a talisman on the journey. The stunning details and relief of this unique art decor made of wood amaze the imagination, because it will remarkably transform the existing interior or become a vivid accent of the psychedelic decoration of the room.


More details about the stunning mandala decor made of wood:

- a decorative element for transforming the interior and for creating supersensible states;

- when creating materials safe for people and animals were used: wood, fiberboard, plywood;

- the depth of the picture is 2 cm;

- high-precision laser cutting, which guarantees smooth lines and amazing clarity of the outline;

- for long-term service and enjoyment of the product, the surface is treated with a special composition and painted;

- if you want a mandala of a different color - just write to us, we will be glad to take into account your wishes! We will also send you photos before packing the goods;

- fasteners for hanging.


A wide range of sizes of wooden paintings for every taste:

✓ 50x43 cm/19,6"x16,9"
✓ 60x52 cm/23,6"x20,4"
✓ 70x60 cm/27,5"x23,6"
✓ 80x69 cm/31,4"x27,1"
✓ 90x78 cm/35,4"x30,7"


Worldwide delivery with tracking.

Hurry up to order a unique meditation lasercut wall mandala art!

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